Forbidden Ziggy Link

Forbidden Ziggy Link

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Ready to embrace your inner Bowie with the business up-front and party out-back approach? The Ziggy Link replaces the lower Rate Control link from your Druid or Dreadnought’s two-part linkage and allows you to run a smaller 27.5” rear wheel instead of the stock 29” wheel. It does this by offsetting the drop in bottom bracket height allowing for a smooth transition from a 29” rear wheel to a 27.5” for maximum trail hooliganism.


Which frames is the Ziggy Link compatible with?
All Dreadnought and all Druid frames, manufactured from late 2019, are compatible. If your Druid has silver-colored shaft bolts (holding the linkage in place), rather than the new black-colored shaft bolts, you have an older linkage that is not compatible with the Ziggy Link. If this is the case, please contact our customer experiences team.

What tools are required to install the Ziggy Link?
You’ll need an accurate torque wrench (up to 14Nm) with 5 and 6mm Allen torque bits as well as 5 and 6mm Allen keys and some Lithium-based grease.

Can a home mechanic install the Ziggy Link?
Yes, it’s a fairly straightforward job for a competent home mechanic and there are no bearings in the lower link, but due to the nature of a suspension linkage, it is imperative that torque settings are adhered to. We, therefore, recommend that work should not be attempted without a torque wrench and the knowledge to use it accordingly. For a professional shop mechanic, this is a quick and simple job and if you’re friends with your local Forbidden dealer, perhaps buy them some beers (or cookies) and they might do it for you.

Does the Ziggy Link change the Druid/Dreadnought’s geometry?
Yes, it makes the geometry marginally lower and slacker while offsetting any changes to the kinematics.

Is the Ziggy Link available in a complete bike?
Yes, we currently have two complete mixed wheel size offerings with a Ziggy Link installed out-of-the-box that include; the Druid GX and the Dreadnought GX.




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