Industry Nine Enduro S 29 "Boost-Radsatz
Industry Nine Enduro S 29 "Boost-Radsatz
Industry Nine Enduro S 29 "Boost-Radsatz

Industry Nine Enduro S 29" Boost Wheelset

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The most capable wheels in i9 history have worn the Enduro name and the Enduro S does the pedigree proud.

"Enduro S is handbuilt for the long haul with 28 straight-pull spokes, the same proven rim profile as the EN305, and our finely crafted Hydra-equipped hubs. Born from an impressive bloodline, Enduro S is well situated to elevate your riding with features you won’t have to sell your first born for." - Industry Nine

Super strong, light and stiff wheels ready for years of abuse on every and any trail. Whether you're looking for a lightweight wheelset for epic bikepacking adventures or looking for something hard as nail for big and blind enduro races, the Enduro S wheelset from Industry Nine has you covered. Have a poke around the internet if you don't believe us, this wheelset is grabbing top marks in every review it gets close to. 

The Hydra Hubs

Every Classic mountain hub is made start to finish in Industry Nine's Asheville, NC machine shop. From turning and milling bar stock 7075-T6 aluminum for shells, axles and endcaps, wire EDM cutting A2 tool steel for pawls and driverings, to their own in-house anodization lab, every step of design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly is done on premises to exacting standards.

The culmination of innumerable miles on the bike and hours in the shop, the new Hydra hubs are the pinacle of engineering. An evolution from the already super impressive Torch drive system, Industry Nine's new Hydra drive is a project over two and a half years in the making. Featuring an insane 690 points of engagement, or .52° between each engagement, Industry Nine claim they have maximised the potential of the mechanical engagement system. A 115 tooth drive ring combines with 6 leaf-sprung pawls that engage individually at first, but when torque is applied (through pedalling) team up to create a solid and reliable feeling of instant engagement.

From the outset of the Hydra project, Industry Nine focused on improving bearing life and reducing drag in comparison to their previous efforts. Hydra tempers uncontrolled axle and bearing movements conventional designs can’t mechanically limit, thus improving bearing life and decreasing resistance. Hydra offers consistent, reliable engagement without overloaded bearings, axles or hub shells.

With performance taken care of, Industry Nine have also improved the serviceability of their hubs with the Hydra. The new hub design gave Industry Nine the opportunity to update their end caps as well. Industry Nine have updated the drive side end cap to hold a larger o-ring that is intended to be more durable and has a much lesser chance of being compromised during routine maintenance. 

Suitable for any discipline of riding, the Hydra hubs are lightweight, reliable, built to last and easily serviceable without the use of any proprietary tools.

Last - but by no means least - there's the noise! There's nothing quite like it! It's tunable with different viscosities of grease, but if it we're our money we'd turn it up to 11!

The Rim

High quality aluminum alloy with weatherproof sublimated graphics, tubeless friendly bead shelf, and a proprietary profile to keep dents at bay. The 305 enduro rim has a 30.5mm internal rim width and an outer width of 34.1mm suitable for tyres up to 2.6”


690 points of engagement
2 Year Warranty


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