Kona-Prozess 134 DL 29

Kona Process 134 DL 29

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Built from the blueprints of the legendary Kona 111, the 134 was always going to be grin-inducing fun straight out of the box, but carefully considered geometry and component choice makes the 134 an excellent all-rounder and incredible value.

The 134 sits somewhere in between what we would generally consider a short-travel and a medium-travel bike, but somehow ticks all the boxes we'd want a bike in either category to.

A progressive leverage curve makes the most out of the relatively short travel, meaning the 134 holds its own on rowdy descents far better than its numbers suggest it should. Modern but modest angles balance agility with stability - the 134 is fun and flickable, but point it down a trail and it inspires the confidence to let go of the brakes and push your limits.

Point it back up the hill after all the high-fives and hollering and it's no slouch on the climbs either. Kona's Beamer suspension tracks the ground to make the most of every pedal stroke, while the generous reach and steep seat angle provide a comfortable pedalling position for lap after lap.

From The Manufacturer:

You want a nice bike, but you’ve been hesitating to pull the trigger. What’s the right amount of travel? How can you be sure you’re getting great value? How do you know this bike is the only bike you’ll need? Because you gotta trust the Process, that’s why. The Process 134 DL 29 is thoughtfully put together to ensure every box is checked and strikes a perfect balance between price, performance and an easy upgrade path.


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