Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 29 Fork - Gloss Black
Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 29 Fork - Gloss Black
Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 29 Fork - Gloss Black
Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 29 Fork - Gloss Black
Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 29 Fork - Gloss Black

Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 29 Fork - Gloss Black

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All new design, all new ride.

Rockshox have taken their proven Lyrik platform and totally redesigned it for better grip, feel and performance out on the trails.

A brand new feature, that's been named "Buttercups", sit at right at the bottom of the internals where the outer lowers connect. These machined pots contain a rubber puck that allow the chattery trail vibrations to disappear before reaching your hands on the bars, which results in more control, more small bump sensitivity and better traction.

The Charger damper has had a complete redesign too, doing away with the super supple bladder damper and replacing it with a spring loaded IFP (Internal Floating Piston). This allows for a more linear stroke through the travel of the fork which means a more consistent feeling when out riding.

The high and low speed Compression circuits are now completely separate on the Charger 3 damper, which means further fettling and tuning can be achieved for the exact setup you want. 

The Debonair + air shaft has increased in volume which allows you to run lower air pressure but keep the same support.

Consistency is further enhanced by the addition of PRV (Pressure Release Valves) that when pushed, release build up of air caused by prolonged descents and trails. 

All of the above combine to create an unbelievable all round fork designed for bikes that take from 140 to 160mm of travel. 

For shorter travel bikes the Pike Ultimate now shares all the same features as the Lyrik, just with a slightly lighter chassis and shorter travel options. 

For bigger, heavier hitting rigs, the updated Zeb is the one to go for. 

New Lyrik Features:

  • All new fork, chassis, damper and air spring.
  • Buttercups - Absorb high frequency vibrations, reducing trail chatter by 20% and increase grip.
  • All new Charger 3 damper - Bladder replaced by a spring loaded IFP (Internal Floating Piston) for more consistency.
  • Debonair + air shaft - increased air volume allows allows less air pressure and tokens for the same support.
  • PRV - Pressure release valves now fitted to keep the fork running smoother for longer.
  • Bolt on fender included with fork.
  • Available in 27.5/29" Wheel sizes, 44/37mm Offset (37mm 27.5 only)
  • 140, 150 & 160mm Travel options.
  • Previous travel adjust air shafts will not fit the new internals.
  • 15x110 Boost spacing


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