Unite Instinkt V1.1 Pedal
Unite Instinkt V1.1 Pedal
Unite Instinkt V1.1 Pedal
Unite Instinkt V1.1 Pedal
Unite Instinkt V1.1 Pedal
Unite Instinkt V1.1 Pedal
Unite Instinkt V1.1 Pedal

Unite Instinct V1.1 Pedal

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Introducing the latest evolution from Unite, the Unite Instinct pedals V1.1! So what’s new?

Unite have changed a few details with the axle. An alternative manufacturing method has ensured the axles are now stronger and machined more accurately. 

A more redefined body - all cut-outs have been removed from the leading edges improving deflection during rock strikes and giving the pedal a clean smart look. Unite took this opportunity to lighten the body. Adding curved edges to achieve a profile similar to an I-beam. Unite have removed most material from the centre to keep the weight low, the strength high and keeping that clean look.

No more fiddly grub screws! Unite have replaced them with an M4 x 10 low cap heads with a black stainless steel finish. No more Loctite is needed and they protrude a nice 1.5mm further out, offering improved grip and a more robust platform. 

The overall pedal dimension has remained the same at an oversize 113 x 102 x 18mm with the weight coming in at 395g (no pins) or 435  fully assembled, this makes the V1.1 one of the lightest large platform pedals available.

The internals has remained the same, 2 IGUS bushes and one cartridge bearing per pedal, all be it Unite have tweaked the tolerances slightly to get them running for longer.

  • Oversize 113 x 102 mm CNC machined body from grade 6082 Aluminum
  • A concave platform for increased grip
  • New Axle
  • Runs on 4 igus bushes and 2 cartridge bearings
  • 16 Replaceable pins per pedal provide excellent traction and grip
  • Weight – 395g (no pins) or 435  fully assembled
  • Serviceable 

Tight Pedals? Unites pedals use not only use IGUS bushes but 2 pair pedal (most pedals only use one), this does make them tighter out of the box but also makes them last much longer! They will wear in after a few rides.


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